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BLOQspace is a grassroots movement formed by a consortium of ex-athletes, programmers, and crypto enthusiasts with business management experience. Having wealth procured prior to cryptocurrency, our main goal is fostering the adaption of blockchain and javascript through free education and community outreach.

In efforts to comfortably and sustainably immerse blockchain and javascript into the lives of communities around the globe, we are opening brick and mortar BLOQspace locations; complete with javascript learning modules and centered around Lisk Academy blockchain education. These locations will be open to all ages and skill-sets, and will feature speakers who wish to contribute to community upliftment through education., We will be using our own funds to sponsor events, create scholarships, give donations, and fund other projects all around the world where we feel javascript, blockchain, and Lisk can fulfill a need. Sincerely, BLOQspace.io, Lisk Delegate

We promote growth of LISK, education of blockchain and internet of things.

We are a lisk delegate to promote and advance the lisk technology.

We sponsor events, conferences and meetups for widespread education.

We give back to the community and donate to organizations that mean something to us.


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our team


Brandon McNew

VP of Media Relations


William Ryan

VP of Community Outreach


David Gomez

VP of Operations


Paras Arora

VP of Sales


Crypto Chic

Womens Outreach Coordinator


James St. Patrick

VP of Community Outreach


Ricardo Esteva

Affiliate, BLOQspace Puerto Rico


Caroline Feliciano

Marketing, Hispanic outreach, Womens Outreach


Noe Garcia

Web Designer/Developer